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We are Radio PA

Radio PA is a statewide radio network providing news, sports, weather and special programming to over 50 radio stations across the Commonwealth.

Radio PA News

With emphasis on the state capitol and the ability to report on major breaking news across the state, Radio PA provides hourly newscasts from 5:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Radio PA News is also delivered two times every Saturday morning. Each newscast is three minutes in length, including commercial content.

Radio PA Sports

Featuring the state's top pro and collegiate teams, Radio PA sportscasts are provided each morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday. Each sportscast is two minutes in length with no commercial content.

Radio PA NewsLine and SportsLine

The NewsLine and SportsLines are Radio PA's exclusive, in-house, wire service. Each line is packed with wraps, voicers and sound bites to supplement an affiliate's existing news operation. Newsline is delivered at 5:10am, 10:40am and 3:06pm Monday through Friday and once on Saturday morning.

Radio PA Farming and Ag News

Radio PA features a daily news feature focusing on the news important to our farming communities, with focus on the Commonwealth's top agriculture industries, including grain, dairy, tobacco and poultry. Each Farming and Ag report is delivered to our affiliates at 5am Monday-Friday, is one minute with no commercial content.

Special Programming

Radio PA Roundtable

Radio PA Roundtable is a 30-minute program featuring in-depth reporting on the top news stories of the week. Professionally produced and delivered every Friday, Roundtable includes commercial breaks for local sale and quarterly reports for affiliate public files.

Outdoors PA

Outdoors PA focuses on the state’s wildlife resources and is a favorite of Pennsylvania’s one million hunters. Radio PA has partnered with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to produce programs that are delivered each week in five segments. Each segment is three minutes in length, including commercial content, and provides local sales opportunities for affiliates.

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